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What is Coaching?

Coaching is defined by the International Coach Federation as the partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential ( Coaching is a close relationship and partnership that provides structure, accountability, expertise and inspiration.  Coaching helps you grow, develop and exceed what you can do alone.  We can all use a good coach!

What is health coaching?

A health coach combines coaching skills and expert knowledge to help you develop a healthy lifestyle and to increase your ability and self confidence to maintain it.  Health coaches are healthcare practitioners (nurses, dietitians, exercise specialists, mental health professionals) who are trained to become health coaches.

What is the difference between health coaching and wellness coaching?

They have more in common than differences.  Health coaches focus on managing medical risks and conditions.  Wellness coaches use their expertise toward prevention of medical conditions and enhancement of well-being.  Both wellness coaches and health coaches draw upon client values and visions for goal clarification.  Both use coaching methods to address barriers that prevent the client from succeeding in areas of health and well being. 

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

In coaching, a client deals with shaping the future and building on what works/has worked.  Clients are emotionally sound and looking to grow into greater potential.  Coaching helps clients create opportunities through a partner/collegial relationship.  Coaching focuses on the client taking action.  The coach assists clients to discover their own answers within themselves.

In therapy, a client deals with the past/ root cause of current issues.  Therapy is used for clients meeting a clinical diagnosis and/or seeking emotional healing. The relationship remains doctor/patient, whereas the therapist, in the role as expert helps to heal.  Therapy can often focus on talking rather than action.  The therapist, in role as expert, may have the answers the client seeks.

Can I do coaching instead of therapy?

No, because coaching does not treat mental disorders as defined by the American Psychiatric Association.  Coaching is not a substitute for counseling, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, mental health care or substance abuse treatment.  I would be glad to speak with you if you are not sure if you need a therapist or a coach. 

I have a therapist.  Can I still do coaching?

Yes!  Coaching and therapy can work well together as complementary modalities to help the individual reach full potential.  First, however, I recommend consulting with your therapist about the advisability of working with a coach.  In my experience I have found they work well together. 

How do I find the right coach?

When considering hiring a coach, it is important to be informed of the individual’s training, expertise and experience.  Be sure these match up with the particular areas you seek to develop.   An effective coach is a  credible skilled professional, is knowledgeable in the area that you are managing, is a great listener, and is warm and friendly.  Your coach is a guide, not a dictator, and is a partner in the process of making lifestyle changes.  You want a coach with a successful track record in helping clients establish new behaviors.  Many, like me, will offer a free phone consultation to see if they would be a good fit to your needs.

I live in a different state.  Can I still coach with you?

Yes!  Although I am based out of North Carolina, my client base extends both nationally and internationally.  I offer coaching over the phone and through Skype.

How can I fit this into my already busy schedule?

Because the coaching is done over the phone, you can organize your call around your schedule.  I am able to reach out to you in the privacy of your own home at a time that is convenient to you.  No traffic.  No time off from work.  It's just you and me at a time that works for you. 

Do you accept insurance?

No.  It is recommended to speak with your health insurance company to see if health coaching services are reimbursable. 

How does it work?

Our calls are scheduled like regular, reoccurring appointments.  You can purchase the calls in packages or per session.  In the initial call we establish rapport, create your vision and establish goals.  The remaining calls focus on goal review, goal setting, support, accountability and problem solving.

Since we do not directly process insurance claims we have structured our pricing to be competitive with the amount that many policies require as co-pay for a specialist visit. 

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. We process credit card payments through Pay Pal.

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